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Remove the headache of contacting your hosting support. Fully Managed WordPress Hosting starting at $40/month.

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All it takes is You and Hostango. One stop for ultra fast hosting, expert SEO optimization, enhanced website conversions, and more  – Hostango is a full-service platform for all innovative web marketing. 

Created by leaders in website development, ecommerce, and search engine marketing, Hostango was launched to make your online presence better, faster, and easier to manage – and maybe even a little fun, too. 

Don’t worry if you’ve got two left feet when it comes to website performance, Hostango’s seamless integrations will take the lead.

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Solutions Custom-Tailored for Your Business

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Get lightning speeds, foolproof security, daily backups, and more.

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Automated updates ensure your site is top-notch 24/7/365.

Web Optimization

Optimization packages designed to address Google Page Speed Insight errors.

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Our Services Explained

Most of our clients have the same questions. If your question isn’t listed below, contact us.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting is a concierge type of hosting service. No more going into cPanel, or calling 800 numbers for support hotlines to figure out why your website isn’t working as intended. Your dedicated account manager will be at your beck and call for hosting-related issues. 

Is Managed WordPress worth it?

Managed WordPress services are not for everyeone. WordPress hosting isn’t rocket science, but its not common sense either. Those with experience (such as web designers or developers) would likely rather do the technical suff themselves. For everyone else, Managed WordPress is a no-brainer.

Will Managed WordPress Save Me Money?

Managed WordPress may or may not reduce your monthly hosting expenses, depending on what type of service you are currently using. BUT, these are both essential and nominal fees that save most business owners enormous headaches and cost if things do arise. Plus, you get to save on labor cost from paying someone to be on hold with a support rep who will probably send you to a different department (….again).

What is Included in Your Plans?

Decdicated server space, Secure-Socket Layer (SSL), a new WordPress application with or without WooCommerce, WordPress Migration (if you have an existing website), Cloudflare WAF, Cloudflare CDN, SafeUpdates protection, 7 days of rolling backups. 


We’ve Been Where You Are

We’re developers, designers, and dedicated marketing specialists who have spent their fair share of hours on hold with hosting company support teams. We needed a platform that boosted traffic, protected sites, and improved user experiences all in one place, with an intuitive interface – so we built one.

Hostango does it all, so you can just host and go.

Fast, Secure Hosting

Customized plans with built-in security, top-tier updates, and migration support

Web Maintenance

Keep your business growing with fresh, optimized content and new traffic


Start with a name, or migrate your current URL for centralized web management

eCommerce Store

Extra smooth user experiences for increased sales and customer retention

Support & Expertise

From friendly and experienced developers, designers, SEO savants, and everything in between

SEO Growth

Hit the top-ranks with a high performance site that draws in new visitors organically


What Clients Say

"I've worked with them for years. They helped manage our GoDaddy account at first, but we migrated to Hostango at our earliest opportunity."

Dave Dever

Owner, Arista Development

"The team at Hostango walked me through the process of cleaning up years of messy hosting accounts."

Jan Hart

Director of Reputation Management, Electronic Caregiver